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About Frank J. Pietrucha

In the early 1990s I produced a conference on telecommunications in Santiago, Chile. While doing research I met with one of the brightest telecommunications executives in Latin America to discuss industry developments and trends. He desperately tried to explain to me a new innovation that warranted discussion at my event. He launched into a technical discussion about “the next great thing” without explaining to me any of its benefits.  It was my first assignment in technology.  I had no idea what he was talking about. He tried to explain to me how “it” worked, but never really told me what this special something would mean to billions. How was I to know he was attempting to educate me about what we now call the Internet?

I work with engineers, scientists, economists, lawyers and other smart people to help them mold their ideas into something the rest of us can grasp. I’ve been “translating” on behalf of the business and technology elite for about 25 years.  At A.T. Kearney, a leading management consulting firm, and at The Launch Company, a PR agency specializing in high-tech start-ups, I honed my skills at making complicated subjects easier to understand. I started my own company, Definitive Communications, in 2001; my client list includes George Washington University, the International Intellectual Property Institute, The Hartford and NASA’s Ames Research Center.

I came up with the term “supercommunicator” to describe a new breed of forward-thinking professional who can apply classic content development skills to a mindset befitting the quickly evolving millennium. Modeled after the Greek god Hermes who translated messages from Mount Olympus to earth-bound mortals, supercommunicators serve the critical function of de-geeking challenging concepts. It’s important for folks with hard-to-understand ideas to come down from the heavens and speak to the rest of us in a language that’s meaningful.

I continue to help clients explain their complicated concepts and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through workshops and at events. I’m a graduate of Cornell University who enjoys travel, skiing, tennis… and my Irish Terrier, Auggie.