Review from Leading Business Books

This book contains a wealth of information and tips about effective communication, and will be helpful to anyone who needs to explain complex information to ordinary people.” –Leading Business Books

“Pietrucha, a professional communicator, describes his job as helping clients with interesting but
complicated ideas explain themselves to the marketplace. He presents “supercommunicator” to mean a forward-thinking professional who can apply classic writing, speaking, and content-developing skills to a mind-set using new digital tools, including video, audio, graphics, and interactive features. It can be a poster board with a photograph and text or infographics that bring meaning to otherwise indecipherable data. With extensive interviews and examples, the author targets most professionals, including communicators in public relations, marketing, and news organizations as well as business and government leaders. Although developing digital tools is often a “team effort” for the broadest understanding of the information, Pietrucha and his interviewees encourage individuals to become infographic and visualization enthusiasts through online programs for producing visualization and learning how to successfully use searchable databases to tell a story. This is an excellent book for a wide range of library patrons since effective communication is an imperative in our digital age.”– Booklist

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